This site is for Australian Paraplanners.


It provides directions to resources to help Paraplanners do their job.







Traditional Definition:

Paraplanner: one who stands beside a financial planner.


My definition: One who does all the hard work to make the financial planner look good. One who hates ASIC* with a passion because they just don't get it. One who hates compliance departments because they aren't human. One who creates 50 to 100 page documents that no one reads.  One who creates projections for 30 years using complex software programs that know one except the paraplanner can decipher (but hey don't they look impressive).


* Financial planner to prospective client. "Sorry Sir, it will take about 8 hours work to analyse your current industry funds and to make a recommendation to amalgamate them as you want.  That will cost you $800 but seeing as these funds are worth in total $1,500 I really can't help you.  May I suggest you call ASIC, they won't be able to help you but they will be able to point out what I am doing wrong."



How long will this SoA take? > How long is a piece of string?